Mets Minor League Stars of the Week: Amed Rosario and Andrew Church

Position Player of the Week: Amed Rosario

Age: 22

Image from

Position: SS

Acquired: International Free Agent

Height: 6-2

Weight: 190 lbs

Affiliation: Las Vegas 51s (Triple-A)

Statistics from 7/3-7/9: 4 games, .444/.444/.444

To be honest Amed Rosario was not exactly the Mets best minor league position player for the week. However, because of the fact that he’s likely to be called up sooner rather than later, I wanted to have him on here.

Everything accurate that could be said about Rosario has been said by now, but I wanted to throw in my two cents.

Rosario is obviously the shortstop of the future for this team, and out of a quietly good hitting group of prospects, he is at the top of the list. In fact, ranks him as the third best prospect in all of baseball. This is due to his very nice all-around game.

Rosario has a nice, quick swing that allows him to make contact often, and he prioritizes a hit to all fields type of approach. chart (1)

He does tend to swing at a lot of pitches, but that’s okay considering he has the elite bat to ball skills that can make stuff like this happen:

Rosario also has a frame that will see a bit more growth, and as that develops, so will his power. In fact, his power has started to develop in recent years, and will likely hit for between average to slightly above average power in the majors (12-15 homers a year, .150-.165 ISO).

Image From

Pitcher of the Week: Andrew Church


Age: 22

Position: SP

Acquired: 2nd round, 2013 MLB Draft

Height: 6-2

Weight: 200 lbs

Affiliation: St. Lucie Mets (Class A-Advanced)

Statistics from 7/3-7/9: 6.2 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 8 SO

Andrew Church had a very nice start in which he pitched deep in the game and kept his walks to a minimum. The low number of walks allowed has been indicative of his season, as he has only walked 4.4% of the batters he’s faced this season (1.76 walks per 9 innings).

However, despite this nice start, Church has a high 5.09 ERA (although his 3.96 FIP and this nice start seem to indicate better fortune is heading his way). He also doesn’t seem to be able to induce many whiffs as his 15.2 K% shows (5.91 K/9).

Church has been reported as sitting in the low 90’s, but can top out at 95 mph, as well as throwing a slider for his secondary pitch.

He doesn’t have all that explosive of a delivery, and doesn’t build much momentum throughout it. Essentially, this means he tends to move a bit slow to the plate. This likely explains how despite his good, relatively athletic build, he only tops out at 95 instead of sitting close to there.

Overall, Church actually could develop into a hard thrower if he could make his delivery into more of an explosive one. If he managed to combine that with the slider he throws, he could eventually make it to the majors as a middle innings reliever.


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